What decisions should a driverless car make in a case of a potential accident?

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Q. What decisions should a driverless car make in a case of a potential accident?
In a case of a potential car accident normally what can a human do? Let it crash to save yourself or steer clear to divert and risk injury to self? This is a tough decision for a human driver. What would be the result in such a situation if it was a driverless car?
What should a driverless car do in order to avoid the accident.


This is NOT exactly a NEW technology.

Aeroplanes have been flying successfully for over 50 years because of automated systems apart from the autopilot.

Same technology guides huge ships at sea.

SAME Technology takes mission to orbit the moon to find water and India’s mission to Mars which cost less than the production budget of Hollywood movie “Gravity”.

Even the regular rocket flights to International Space Station are not manually piloted and docked by the astronauts. And of course the Space Station itself works 24 hours a day 7 days a week on computerised programs.

So it is just stupid to think manual driving of cars is better or less dangerous than automated driver from Google or Tesla Companies. The fear is because of possibility of hacking these auto driver software or hardware. There have been cars recalled by companies because the existing automated software was hacked by malicious hackers. So that is a REAL concern or genuine threat to lives of people being driven around by computer programs.

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