Watching You ( a semi mad Song/Poem (Long))

Watching You.. 2014.( a sort of Long so called “Mad “:Song)

Verse One

Those “Scientists” are watching you
There’s nothing you can really do.
They know when proofs are true or false
Discoveries fill endless halls.
Their microscopes and telescopes
Their cameras and microphones
Their x ray tubes and telephones
Computers and their microtomes
Their charts of all the elements
The particles and molecules
The cells and organs and the dense
Grey glob that contains ‘common sense”:
The scientists are watching you.

Verse Two

The Government is watching you
Well, too,its watching many folks
And not just you and your stale jokes.
They like to hear the other’s jokes
I’m sure Big Brother has his jokes.
Their bureaus and their agencies
Departments and dependencies
Their records and priorities
Their tactics and publicities
The cash flow and realities
And all the things that you have done
SInce you were daughter or mere son
Ah hate it love it ,nought to do:
The government is watching you.

Verse Three

The Experts they are watching you
Of course it isn’t simply you
Your Normal and Pathology
Subcurrents of psychology.
Your grip upon “Reality”
Your thoughts of “Responsibility”
The range of your “Ability”
Or depth of “Inability”
Propensity to Casualty :
There’s really nothing you can do:
The experts. they are watching you.
Verse Four
Your Bosses, they are watching you:
The way you Study, way you work
The way you talk to Veep or Clerk.
Or if you’re laborous or jerk.
Or humorous or have some quirk
Or “secrets” they will find you hid
About those ‘private ‘ things you did
Or stuff that other people did
From Management nought should be hid
Best confess all, not keep a lid
About all things that you have done:
And everyone will have some fun:
Your Bosses are all watching you.

Verse Five

Bureaucrats are watching you
To see if you are ‘good’ or ‘fair’
Or “kind” or ‘mean or ‘just don’t care”
About those folks sometimes on top
Who once were squashed and never stop
Their duties as Our Social Police.
Their vigilance does never cease
The anecdotes and language police
The bathtub and the toilet police
The bedroom and dining room police
The cellar and the attic police
The office and the factory police
The studio and the theatre police
The history and comic police
Reality and tragic police.
Did you once in your sleep insult
Some person whom they now protect
But once would string up by the neck?
They’ll put your name upon some list
And cry out there “Idealist!”
The Bureaucrats are watching you.
Verse Six

Psychiatrists are watching you
Along with Staff and buddies too.
They know when you are ‘good’ or ‘not’
They know when you are ‘smart’ or ‘not’
They know when you are ‘sick ‘or ‘not
They know when you are ‘nuts’ or ‘not
They know when you are ‘real ‘ or not
They know when you’re a ‘fiend’ or ‘not
They know when you are ‘queer” or not’
Some know when you shit in the pot
A subject of much interest to some
The others find some subjects which
Leave most folks scared or quiet or numb
But with which they are quite obsessed
With many gifts such folks are blessed!
It seems they creep in all our dreams
And analyze all of our schemes:
Alas there’s nothing you can do
Psychiatrists are watching you.

Verse Seven

The Police are always watching you
And probably the Army too:
Are you a good egg or a bad?
Will your path end up quite sad?
Did you love your Mom or Dad?
Or else prefer your Mom or Dad?
Or merely loathe your Mom or Dad?
Or simply have no Mom or Dad?
Will you follow rules and Serve
No questions asked and with Great Verve
Or else you must be beaten down
Or tortured by the edge of town
To enforce due humility?
Values and obedience,?
And some Order and Belief?
Discipline and Common Sense.?
Awareness of Reality?
One can always be a Casualty..
Love them , hate them , what to do?
Psychiatrists are watching you.

Verse Eight

Society is always watching you:
Do you love them as they do?
Do they love you as you do?
Do you like them as they like you?
Or dislike them , hate anew?
Or indifference? Ah boo hoo:
Friends are always watching you
Sometimes good and sometimes not
Are you always such a pal?
Are they always such a pal?
Sometimes everything does fail
Sometimes nothing can succeed
To meet the human want need
Or else perhaps some fine rare need
And there’s nothing you can do:
Society is watching you.

Verse Nine

Your Foes are always watching you;
You are always watching them
Yes you have your Point of View
Yes they have their Point of View
And your boundaries through and through.
Fighting is just what we do:
Sometimes hot and sometimes cold
Sometimes warm and sometimes cool
Sometimes gentle, sometimes cruel
With some plan or with some goal
Dominance , defense or control
It is what some like to do
They have nothing else to do
Always blame it all on you
Just as you blame all on them.
Foes are always watching you
And there’s nothing you can do

Verse Ten

These things I don’t quite understand
But much the same in any land
Their vessels I cannot command.
So I asked one of their crew
“Why DO you DO the things you do?”
And he replied “Its nothing new:
There’s nothing else we’re built to do.
We’ve got no talent through and through
Though some of Us have lots of brains
And some of Us have rather few;
We’re often, ” boring “through and through:
Sorry for your endless pains:
Some people REALLY crapped on you:
Quite a shame but nothing new ”
“True” I sighed “not ,much to do”
Sobbing inside through and through
Much I think the same as you.

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