Using games to teach children and adults

Using games to teach children and adults
by Ujjwal Dey

The process of learning starts from birth till the time you are alive to deal with the rest of the world. In the Information Age, we are dealt with an overload of knowledge regarding diverse subjects. To learn and master a particular subject, there are a lot more distractions and diversions. Hence modern curriculum for toddlers and college students alike depend on interactivity. Instead of a passive listening or watching a task to be done, more emphasis is on lively response from the student at each step of learning a task.

Video games have therefore become the boon for modern learning. Popular games such as Minecraft are not only need analytical thinking but also require creative experiences from the player. Television has been replaced by live interaction with objects and people connected in online gaming. Disney games take this further by teaching emotional skills such as empathy and care to young minds. Dance games on Microsoft Kinect will teach the clumsiest person to dance like a pro with instant feedback and assistance to improve.

Adults are not left behind in this chase for edu-tainment. Professional degrees and complicated Technology Certifications are made easy through relevant games developed by the flourishing eLearning industry. The modern tutor never has to wave a stick to engage his audience. The students are hooked to the interactive gaming based e-curriculum. Apart from capturing the attention of hyper young minds the games also make the learning process faster than the traditional method. With computers and internet spreading to remote corners of the globe, this means that the best education is available to the global netizen through video games that are of interest to the learner. Video games today are a social impact for every growing society.

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