To the Director of Club “X” located in district “Y”, during time period “Z”:

To the Director of Club “X” located in district “Y”, during time period “Z”:

Dear Sir and or Madam:

Although I have greatly enjoyed my membership in your wonderful
social club, since I first joined in 1997 I find that due to circumstances
beyond my control, I must withdraw my membership. Since this
is almost certainly a surprise to you,and since I have despite
some of my intentions, not maintained a low profile I feel I owe
you a detailed explanation of my intentions, behaviors and purposes
here which you may or may not wish, at your discretion of
course, to share with the larger membership.
First let me be optimistic and forward looking and postiive
and generous in terms of the credit I allocate to all the staff and guests at
your exceptionally special institution.. The courtesy and manners and
honesty and integriy and professionalism and trustworthiness and
patience and flexibility and above all, the extreme sensitivity of
your highly educated and deepthinking and socially sophisticated
staff, including every bit of possible social, racial religious
intellectual cultural gender oriented and regional varieties
is beyond comparison in my book, surpassing by far
the treatment I have gotten at a number of five star hotels
around the world. As far as the guest lists? Who could ask
for a happier, more talented, more humorous, socially
adept, freethinking, healthy, generous, wise,
mature good looking, beautiful, capable open minded,
modest, prosperous fair and happy bunch of people?
Nobody could , I believe. if they tried to create an ideal
social list for a thousand years. To say that we all had
a great deal of superb fun over the past 17 years is
to marginalize the word “fun” This was all beyond fun,
in a different zone, postfun perhaps, or even more
fun than any human central nervous system could
possibly tolerate over time? Nobody was worshipped
or deified or turned into a social tyrant ever; nobody
was scapegoated trashed marginalized or beaten up
or left behind ever: nobody was ever simply left to hang
helplessly in the middle without any real reliable support.
Wunderbar , as my German brethren so often say!
Now. as to my real reasons for leaving: a small mystery
among many. No force or manipuations or dirty social games
or hint of force
or nasty but often ignored remarks had anything to do
with my decision here, which is entirely my own. As you
know I have , whether you felt pity or compassion or
empathy or irritation or love or lust or liking or dislike
or neutrality or hatred and a strong desire to tell me
what to do, feel, think and feel at all times (perfectly
understandable instinct of course!!) I have long
complained of what I term a crippling “malaise”– actually
a phrase I borrowed from a supposedly leading
New York City Park Avenue Psychiatrist i was extremely
lucky and privileged to see in the year 1997. All the
king’s horses and all the king’s men (or queen as the
hierarchy or the mood may be) have not been able
to help me. But one inspired and very obscure local
Dr , located the real source of the problem in a can
of mixed nuts she found open in my living room.
Yes this was the cause over many years: the
generally complimentary mixed nuts and or other
snacks freely and generously offered at your club
bar restaurant and sitting rooms As it turns out
after some testing she induced me to undergo,
I have been quite allergic to a whole variety of nuts..
or perhaps the cases in which you find those nuts.?
A tough question.
Although it might be appropriate here for me
simply to refrain from eating any of the assortments
of nuts one
might find in your social gathering places or more
radically, to beg you to change your poliicies here
-which is as I know, revolutionary and mean
and insensitive to many sets of feelings both
individual and social and absolutely impossible
in this lifetime for any society to affect – I shall
simply for the sake of what is left of my
physical and mental well being merely withdraw
into my small private sphere.
Please understand that this is not an act of rudeness
or angst with any of your absolutely lovely selves. or general
or specific dissatisfaction, including that of a political
social economic, sexual, military religious
ethnic regional age racial oriented nationalistic gender
oriented or romantic, psychological or psychiatric
or artistic or intellectual with anything anyplace
or anyone, despite some possible interpretations.
which I state in advance are completely wrong.
This is despite some rumors to the contrary
probably the best world that can be. at this
time and despite lots of bad news here and
there I sincerly look forward to better days ahead
If there is any deep or nasty dissension
among individuals groups or nations or parties
or businesses leading to anything from very
badly hurt feelings (and everybody for sure
–not just me– if they are truly honest and
non partisan, non ideological and non dogmatic
is fully aware how much THOSE can alter
the course of anybodys life for good- to the
outbreak of World War 3 (all heavens’ forbid!)
let me just humbly propose a general causation
for such phenomena that is often ignored
by supposedly serious and important and
intelligent and or good and or passionate
thinkers, artistic types, leaders and followers,
doers and contemplaters, protestors,
passive resisters, the silent ones and
collaborators of all kinds and emoters:
plain old food and or other environmental
allergies. which have not
properly been exposed, discovered analyzed
or treated by the appropriate qualified
informed educated and calm reasonable
and knowing objective and unbiased authorities.
Resting in my living room now..Thumbs up to
all good people of truly universally good intentions
in the future: sometimes the only really useful
and helpful anti’s (out of all the possible anti
anythings on Earth) are antihistamines. Which
in this case might take a rather long time to
be effective.. (and with forgiveness and understanding
of some kinds to various individuals online who, from
their point of view at least ganged up on me in the
name of their Greater Social Causes and called me
a bunch of rather unpleasant names here and there.
I guess quite often when one experiences a general
and local frustration with the whole world, there
is nothing better to do than lash out at seemingly
easy targets,as all of us, including our saints and sinners
and men in the middle, have at one time done. Alas)
But here’s to the Future without any torture or demonizing
or isolation or propagandizing or beating up or putting
away or punishing or seducing or stirring up or lying
to or entrapping or victimizing or teasing or torturing or
arresting bombing etc or those whom our easily confused
and misled senses and reasonings treat as “surplus
populations” Though i am often told that is ‘impossible
‘ or ‘too hard to understand” by doubtlessly very “good people”

Best to all of you at Club X
Paul Stuart Nachbar

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