Teen hums his way through brain surgery while awake!

Teen hums his way through brain surgery while awake!

16-year-old Arvind Mohan Kumar was humming his way in the operation theatre while doctors split his brain open for surgery.

In a rather extraordinary procedure, a team of neurosurgeons from NIMHANS steered and drilled through the teenager’s brain to rid him of epilepsy but retain his exceptional musical cognition, all this while he was awake.

Following a premiere technique, the doctors used only local anaesthesia on Arvind and asked him to listen to music and sing in order to recognise and assess the part of his brain that perceived music.

By the end of six hours, the complex and ingenious surgery was successful as the doctors managed to remove the focal point of the seizures while keeping intact the part responsible for musical perception.

Awake brain surgeries are often used to treat brain tumours and epileptic seizures.


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