Support Pirate Parties to Enter The European Parliament

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Vote Pirate into the European Parliament

Election dates
The European Parliament elections will take place on the following days

  • May 22nd for the Netherlands and the United Kingdom,
  • May 23rd for Ireland and the Czech Republic.
  • May 24th you can vote in Latvia, Malta, Slovakia, and the French Overseas territories and a second days voting in the Czech Republic
  • May 25th is for all other EU countries.

How to: Torrents and Clouds and Pirates – Do it yourself

1. You need a torrent client for downloads. Use the best:

2. To Get Torrents:
bypass your ISP blocking direct download and torrent sites

3. The motherlode is at:

Is it legal? Yes, in Sweden. Check the correspondence between American Companies legal threats and Pirate replies:

Please worship them here:

4. Where else to find torrents? search with example: “hell ride 2008 torrent”
Check file size of the files you are downloading. Instead of the 2GB blu ray dvd rips, go for small mkv or avi or mp4 files of under 750MB

5. So what the fuck is a torrent? How does it work?

6. A good source for latest TV show episodes I missed?
Old seasons can be found in the above sites. For latest:

7. Fight the censorship in your illiterate country but buy legal if you can.

8. Play every type of audio / video media file with

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