Some Roses for the “Monster Ships”

Some Roses for the “Monster Ships”

I engaged in longterm psychological argument with the Monster Ships,
but although I was almost totally correct I could never win.
I engaged in longterm psychiatric arguments with the Monster Ships,
all her fault, as she even admitted . I could never win even though
totally correct.

I had longterm arguments about ethnicity, race, religion, philosophy
and spirituality with the Monster Ships. Once again I was right.
Nobody was on my side. I could not win.

I fought over the nature and role and purpose of Art with the Monster
Ships.They were always wrong but did they listen? No. I could not win.
I fought about poetry of all kinds with the Monster Ships They started it
every time. Could I win? Nope.

I fought about music and drama and cinema with the <Monster Ships
Could not seem to outargue them no matter what. Though correct.
I fought about the role of the Police, the Army, the so called
Intelligence Community,the Mafia, Bureaucracy, the Press, Corrupt Institutions and the Business
World with the Monster Ships, not to speak of Freedom,
Dignity, Happiness and Unhappiness. I always lost even though I always won.
I fought about math and science and engineering and technology
with the Monster Ships. Each time a loss. Though I won.

I fought about the endless ways of Domestic and Foreign life withthe
Ships. Always lost even though I always won.Of course
I fought about the accuracy of gossip and journalism and various
types of history and myth with the Monster Ships Always lost but won.
I fought about so called Love, Play and Work and Values with the
Monster Ships. Lost, lost lost even though I was correct.

I fought about Birth and Death and Marriage and Love and Sex
and Right and Wrong and Manners and Morality with the Monster Ships.
Same grim record.of embarassing losses..

Finally in Despair,when the Major Monster Ship turned 84 years old, an
event which coincided for some reason with International Woman
s Day, I bought her 18 red roses, a goodly number with some
cool mystical echoes in the Hebrew language plus a 19th item,
a large Teddy Bear, kind of symbolizing the number 19, the day
of my own birthday in October The Monster Ship adored this
gift of mine and sounded ecstatic through her tears when she
received it. That felt good,maybe more than good. And I guess
somehow I sort of “won”that time. around.or ‘;we won’ whatever
that means.. maybe for some time…to come

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