Rise of Nationalism globally

Rise of Nationalism globally
by Ujjwal Dey

We all hate politics, but just wanted to share a thought about global rise in Nationalism.

India has an identity crisis. Americans have an identity crisis. British have an identity crisis. French have an identity crisis. Too much diversity is causing the natives in these countries to question their democracy. Too many different people speaking different languages, displaying different cultures, supporting different races and religions. Rise of Nationalism in all these historically open nations is the psychological result of alienation of the native. India was always a land of plenty in ancient times, welcoming all foreign civilisations to assimilate into a large melting pot. That India of 2000 years ago is exactly today’s America in 21st century. As USA has been the promised land for immigrants to find fortune, the present day USA has become a very hot melting pot of cultures, languages, religions and races. The boiling point is within reach. If I am Indian and all these illiterate freeloading assholes from Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Tibet, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, etc are also Indian, then it makes an identity crisis for me. Hence Nationalism. We are all waiting for a global human revolution or a World War. There is no third alternative. We can’t continue as-is. Either Star Trek United Federation of Earth or the enslavement under the Dark Lord of Sith.

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