Readers suggest the 10 best bridges

Readers suggest the 10 best bridges

Last week we brought you our 10 best bridges.

Here, we present your thoughts on which ones should have made the list

The Observer, Saturday 5 October 2013

Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge, Scotland
This bridge was the first major steel structure to be built in Britain, with construction beginning in 1883 and finishing in 1890. The image of the Forth bridge is one that has powerful connotations in Scotland, featuring regularly in popular culture (also cropping up in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, thanks to Edinburgh game developer Rockstar North). Chloderloser thinks that disregarding the Forth bridge is “twisted”.

Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard, France
Construction of the Pont du Gard begun in the first century AD by the Romans to serve as an aqueduct carrying water to the colony at Nîmes from its source at Uzès. Over time it became clogged by mineral deposits and debris, stopping the flow of water. Following the collapse of the Roman empire the bridge served as a toll crossing and is now one of France’s most popular tourist attractions. Attagil attests that the “Pont du Gard is amazing and beautiful”.


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