Poem: Dynamic Duos

Dynamic Duos

Oh my head hurts
(you cant complain)
When Sigmund Freud
Devours your brain.

If you think that’s
A lot of bung:
There’s always his pal
Carl Jung.

Though long since dead
Mr Carl Jung
Has gnawed my brain
Since I was young

And so with many other folks
Though long since gone
Chewed on my brain
Perhaps to extract all my jokes?

Above the docs
Great Dictators
With tons of cash
And babes in furs.

They squashed
The docs
For Good Ideas
And bought me off with “love” and “lox”

Did anybody
Have a choice?
Did anyone
Heed human voice?

Well at the Bottom
There’s much pain
And anyone
Would go insane.

Well at the Bottom
Not much left
And everyone
Denies the theft.

The reasons why
All push and shove?
From small time crime
To World War 2?

I blame it all
On lack of love:
But ‘we’ are angels-
Me and you.!


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