Poem: Big One

Big One
by Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois

She had large breasts she was ashamed of
having been raised Catholic
in southern California
next to an avocado grove

Her family had been waiting for The Big One
for a long time
Geology’s shaken baby syndrome
that would rattle their brains
drive them insane
Great Balls of Fire

I was five foot four
she was five nine
the runt of her family
They towered above me
looked down at me with contempt
but they couldn’t convince her
I was the wrong man
There are women who fall in love
with midgets

Only tequila made me feel big
made me feel ten feet tall

We went back to the north woods
but we wouldn’t last long
One of my friends was also five four
He coveted my luck
He was trying to date a girl six two
but she wouldn’t have him

She was the daughter of a butcher
There was something wrong with her eyes
She would go blind at 32

You’re lucky she wouldn’t date you, I told him
You wouldn’t want to be married to a blind woman

I don’t see it that way, he said

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