Poem: A Road Trip by Paul Nachbar


A Road Trip
by Paul Nachbar

“Yes Virginia there is no sanity clause”
That is, the world is often quite insane
Far better to accomodate
Which sometimes means use one’s brain

“In old New York all sing for Pork
Or substitutes upon their fork
In New Jersey they all agree
One must work past the misery”

“Connecticut is quite a state
For all those mainly semi great:
And Massachusetts chops to bits
All folks who do not get their skits”

“Vermont is syrup art and muck
And as for weather “ah good luck”
New Hampshire has Darmouth amid the trees
If you dont mind the chilling breeze

Does Stephen King live up in Maine:?
The black flies would drive me insane
Back up, go back to Delaware:
Where tax accountants really care

Then Pennsylvanias’s really neat
With lots to see and lots to eat:
Ohio? Wel there’s Oberlin
And football and brain damaged sin

I drove around as to recoup
Maryland had great turtle soup
Kentucky horses and blue grass:
I wonder if i have the “class”

West Virginia has coal mines
And cousin kissing mines and thines
Of course such things are old cliches
Who knows whats what though in these days?

The Carolinas South and North
From which some eloquence pours forth:
Georgia often on my mind
I hope my friends there remain kind

Florida is huge and flat
Disneyworlds there and that is that
Alabama here i come?
I hope they dont think im a bum

Louisiana Mississippi: got friends there
In Easy Rider they shot the hippies
Old associations good and bad
I never said I wasnt mad

Well there’s Texas, which is huge
Conflicted, complex. A refuge?
And nearby there is Tennesse
Where they have been inviting me

Bill Clinton rose up from Arkansas:
I think I once was on a farm
I never quite returned from France
Although I never meant folks harm

Oh no I did forget Rhode Island where
As a kid I tried to order whale:
The restaurant was out of it that week:
(an anecdote thats gotten stale)

Well Michigan and Illinois
Will please some people or else annoy
And Minnesota where its cold :
And natives eat as they’re told

Wisconsin where a pal resides
They’re good at school and making cheese:
Two Dakotas and Montana too
With parks and steers and elbow grease

There’s Iowa where writers write
And Idaho with taters white
Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico
Where there’s a shrink that i call “bro’

Nevada where folks gamble and
Indulge in gourmet fare quite grand
Then California where I was born
From egg and sperm and not acorn

Then one goes north to Oregon
Which sounds like it might be quite fun
Then the big state of Washington
Alaska, and Hawaii, man

I hope I mentioned each US state:
With details I’m not always great
There’s fifty of them in the sum
We get confused but aren’t dumb

If I didnt sort of like it here
I’m smart enough to disappear:
Though folks do flatter and berate
Better to articulate

There’s good and bad and in between
And sad and glad and nice and mean:
There’s lawless folks and those with law
And those who make great cole slaw

You put a random dude on trial
And “discover” both ‘great’ and ‘vile:
There’s folks who spread credit and blame
And businesses for every claim

You put a random dude in charge
And find the ‘sweet’ ‘salty’ bitter and sour’
Most hearts souls and minds arent large
Most higher ups mere ‘anxious sarge’

You make a random dude the boss
A him or her high on some white horse:
Some say “they did a bang up job”
And others “fool’ or ‘fiend’or snob’

You give a random dude a gun
Or weapon even a small pun:
Sometimes they do quite well with that
And sometimes all becomes undone

The sun rose up and I did too
And having not much else to do
I penned this poem having shirked (it seems)
Each regular normal type of work

I guess my poems might seem strange?
Is this guy silly, whacked, deranged?
Such straightens up my mental rooms
From politics, pain, dirt mud dust and gloom

* * * *

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