Our Devices Large and Small

Our Devices Large and Small

“Its really all up to you this time around” he smiled down at me and I could hardly see his features amidst the glare of sunlight. though I was positive they
were the kindest and wisest and sweetest and wisest
and most unprejudiced or sold out, freest, most natural,
most honest, sanest, friendliest and most altruusitic most humanly
intelligent , in a broad not a narrow sense, most modest and down
to earth and most humorous
and mature and empathetic features on any adult man I had ever seen.
I had no mental image. just a shiny blur which was rather pleasant..
I must admit.and a soothing voice.

Still despite this flow of
instantaneous information, I could not tell for sure his age, race,
occupation ethnicity or country or region either from his features his voice or
his clothing not to speak of for those concerned with such
apparent psychosexual inclinations.. So naturally as always in vaguely similar cases
I sort of played dumb or younger
and more subordinate than I am or less informed , though often
that is a self fulfilling prophecy.of a kind.: one wants to be less
than one possibly can be. for a trillion reasons perhaps. one becomes
such. Not saying here I blame anybody .. or anything. for such
recurrent problems. ‘What are you really giving me Sir? ” I said,
Not sure i want to accept it, though I am very honored. And I
don’t understand not being very great with the ins and outs of
technology these days how it works..why. or whether I am up
to this”

He extended his hand to me , palm wide open and said simply
” a tiny key” I must have looked at him strangely and he sort of
half read my thoughts and responded “its all you really need”
I did not quite want to think everything through. “What I need
for doing what?” I responded slowly. “Whatever you want and
need, which makes you truly happy , no more no less, and
spreads that happiness to everybody else, despite the endless
differences among individuals.. ..too long to list”
“That really IS a tiny key” i said as I grasped the shiny
trinket.”less than
an inch long…the kind that used to cost five or ten cents at
the local department store in town . maybe
a dollar now? I forget” He nodded enthusiastically “What
does it open? What is it a key to? ” I asked. The man gestured
with his hands and mumbled something in a language totally
foreign to me, which by some standards was not saying a lot..
I was among the laziest of the language students way back in
school a mere B plusser among linguistic geniuses
and am not too spry or apt these days either . I asked ”
what did you mean to say? I can’t follow” The man smiled.
“Sir, you can’t do much these days with a five or ten cent key.
That is for little boys and girls. These days , though I guess
I am or feel a bit left out. you play with the Big Boys.
and the Big Girls. oh sorry the Big Women how could
i make such a mistake in my tone and semantics and
language in regards to our lovely females: shows no respect !?.

And to go..the
Big Expensive Games with the Big Budgets
and the Big Complicated Equipment
and the Big Rulebooks you learn to understand
in the Big Schools with Big Tuitions and Big Institutions and Big Businesses
Amid the Big Money and of course with the Big Consequences.
and the Big Governments with their Big Guns and Big and Big Intellectuals and Big Artists and Big Actors and Big Writers and
Big Stars and Big Deals and Big Money and Big Popularity
Contests and Big Global Arguments
Wars Battles and Disputes and Contests about Anything though
they kind of leaves me out.well like my friends. .this
is really not much at all..leaves me pretty much gasping in the dust
or worse perhaps mud….”
The man smiled “it opens everything you want or need it to open. all
devices. you probably can imagine ” I said”oh?” “Yes, use it in the best of health, and
try please not to be angry at anyone or anything including especially
yourself. Hope that is not too difficult a job?.. For some insane reason that anger all too normal of course.tends
to mess stuff up for users..and (he sighed) many others too”
Sensing the usual deal I asked him
“Well sir what do you want in exchange for this somewhat..perhaps
magical.? key? I have some money on my credit card, not much
by local standards but some; some money in my bank account,
again not much but some by local standards i am accustomed to
and which we take here as just the plain old average; and i should
be getting this fairly substantial check ..well when it gets here..
They are not always efficient with such things. it seems, even
in a place .like this”

“Absolutely nothing” he responded.”free of charge. No obligations
No strictures No restrictions. No contracts.” “I was slightly suspicious
“That really does not happen.” I said and he shrugged and nodded
rather vigorously in affirmation” Take it as a lagniappe then” he smiled.
I went blank for a moment…I had not heard the word lagniappe
in any spoken human speech for 44 years and had only the vaguest
memories of somebody using it.which made me feel uncomfortable:
some sharp, smart rather tricky young boy had used it with me
after the group of them played some card game , that
involved racing perhaps? I was not very adept at. Well not back then.
Well for those uninformed or too busy or lazy to use a dictionary:
lagniappe is an Italian word sometimes used in English meaning
a ‘baker’s dozen ” or a thirteenth loaf of bread of doughnut or
whatever thrown in by a sales man to sweeten a sale and keep
a customer happy and loyal and satisfied. perhaps forever
though ‘forever’ can mean many different things to different people
at different times and in different places.
“All right” I said “I guess I must feel grateful even for this odd
offer of a little key?” The man smiled “You do not have to feel
anything There is no cost. for this benefit.Maybe..though they
do not tell me everything. only made for you?”

“Possible” i suggested.shook his somewhat larger and somewhat
warmer hand with a strong but not oppressive grip, was distracted
for ten seconds by the sound of a plane flying high over head.
and he was gone

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