Mental Health Convention Speaker: 2016

Mental Health Convention Speaker: 2016

Huge crowd in an auditorium partitioned roughly into 5 to 10 rows of well dressed, well mannered, often bejeweled, sophisticated seeming, affluent seeming professionals and business people and local notables.; in back of them are 20 or so rows filled with somewhat more energetic, lively , poorly dressed, colorful but often slightly ‘out of place’ or ‘eccentric’ more ordinary
people. working people, small businessmen, so called ethnic types.and given the circumstances, a lot of psychiatric patients of all descriptions
who were bussed into the state for the occasion. One speaker after
another goes up to the podium and addresses questions of support
groups , funding, rules of organization, division of labor, many of
the beliefs
and tastes and wants and needs and likes and dislikes of the so
called mental health community ( a community as they preferred to
say among many) how spirituality and religiousity and regular
hard work and frequent showers and herbal; shampoos and incense
and room sprays and meditation and chanting and group gossip circles and
a belife in Familly, God and Country ties in
with improved mental health,and how almost every possible
point of view should be represented . in every decision..
After each speech there is a round of somewhat enthusiastic
but mostly polite applause. It would look bad if nobody applauded
and would make the speakers feel awful..Who would want to do that?
Finally one middle aged male speaker is helped up to the podium
by three friends, two women and a male.He thanks them , grins
an infectious grin and says “this is just a temporary problem.
Stubbed my toe badly..while looking for my wallet Found the
wallet in five minutes. Dont worry.. Not a health
issue.Not a mental health issue No cause for alarm.

No reason for a caucus
or petitions or all the Kings horses and men to get upset
or agitated about anything now. Life happens. So shall we really begin the beguine?”
The rear 20 rows of the auditorium applaud with great enthusiasm
and about one third of the audience in the first 5 to 10 rows
applauds with somewhat restrained enthusiasm. This does not
seem quite predictible regular and scheduled to many
and their kneejerk so called ‘conservative’ reactions have been
stunned. Though they are pretty quiet out of politeness or
simply Waiting..

“Okay, “the speaker began” This is just my take on a number of
matters. Its nice when many wants and needs are taken of
by an authoritarian corporate quasi government. Its reassuring.
But dishonest. to the core..”
Several people in the backrows scream out “True, true true!’
but he urges them to be quiet. and at ease..Then he continued
“:its nice too when one can get a sort of appropriate job
with such an authoritarian corporate quasi government.
cracking the one way or another
but does that really help anybody in the long run? Kind of
mediocre ,no? Repeating the same stuff day in and day out
Is anybody satisfied?”

Another male in the 11th row raised his hand and the
speaker nodded “go ahead, talk” So he started “I have
some issues with work But i read that about 80 percent
of Americans were not happy with their jobs or suited
to them..and jobs are hard to find for anybody these days
are they?”

“A very intelligent point.” the speaker agreed.
Then a woman in the 13th row said “May I talk? I have
found nobody to trust. Most of my unhappiness really
was my family’s fault.not my fault I am telling the truth..
even if they will punish me.. None of the authorities
or so called friends would
listen to me ever and my version. I was a teacher,
a librarian…I was a somebody.They turned me into a nobody
And nobody cares..I do not have a friend in the world..”
“That sounds very tragic’ the speaker said”
everybody deserves some love and attention even if
it is rarely found in the marketplace these days “open”
or “closed” My sympathies. Anybody else?”
Another man stood up “I do not believe what the Doctors
said. This is the same thing as those other nations we are
always at war with . If you disagree with the ones in power
or are seen to disagree with them or are perceived to be in
any way a threat to them they just put you away and nobody
asks any questions or ever intervenes. Just blames it all on
you by their inactions and lies Its just a business to them
cold and heartless like War and The Business
or anything..else”

“I am not sure if that is wholly true’ the Speaker said
“but probably a lot of it is true> My sympathies. ”
Then the man’s wife stood up”I dont get you Are you
calling my husband a liar?? You said what he said was not
‘wholly true”? And if you are calling my husband a liar..
then i might be very angry…”

“Um no ma’am I am not as you can see a hugely experienced
public speaker, my apologies But not what i said exactly.

A row or two back , a man in his late 30’s stood up applauding
along with his wife. “Man that was magnificent’ You told it
the way it is Just like the old days in the Movement. We were all
One. together!’


As the man and his wife stood up and applauded a whole
contingent of people in their area also applauded. It was
apparently a signal or cue or some kind.
The speaker continued “Well I am not the biggest
fan of meetings or even public speaking but it is great
from my point of view to see people being thoughtful
and openminded about the real issues.and to balancing
multiple points of view when making decisions in life”
Very commendable.”

After a few minute of scattered but intense dialogue
a very plump and serious seeming woman stood up
towards the front rows and dramatically burst into
sobbing and a bit of screaming and some small
amounts of finger pointing at the Speaker.
She started “I owe my life and health
and sanity and salvation to to my Blessed Family and Peer

Group and my school
and my Church and my Heritage and my Doctors
and tp God and Country and this Best of all Possible
Corporations which was generous to hire us. and treat
us always with dignity grace respect and even some
actual cash for spending at stores and restaurants
and movies . .And. well..I would die for all or any
of these fine wonderful people God bless them”
All of this was uttered through many tears
and many in the first few roles began to cry as well..

“They found me in the gutter and raised me to be
the Woman I am today..and”

“What?” cried the Speaker. “Look I only know you
casually as one person out of a workplace where
there were 100 employees or more but tell the truth
here minus the tears! Your family were millionaires.
They gave you everything true. They wanted you
to be something But you blew it all, married some
guy 1 foot shorter than you whom you could boss
around and bully mercilessly and did the same thing
to everybody at work.You may have had your
personal reasons but that is just not true. Come on
tell the Truth”

Another rather drably dressed man stood up
and say in a monotone ‘what the speaker says
about this woman is totally accurate She is faking it
entirely and shoud be at least reprimanded ”
But she drowned out what he said with her sobs
then started talking half screaming..

“Fifteen years ago I had a long dirty sexual affair
with the Speaker.He wanted me badly all the time

He called me 20 times every day. He abused me.
dragged in other women. Men Young boys girls
Cats dogs. Umbrellas. Whips and chains All sorts of
stuff too horrible to mention in public society”
“He seemed tall good looking charming, pleasant cultivated,
sophisticated extremely high iq and eq too.Good family
not rich but good enough if you know what i mean.
. knew how to treat a woman well. take her out for meals
entertain her. do everything she wants him to do
and never protest or complain at ‘mistreatment’ or’injustice

was between you and me good at satisfying her
every want and need. Which of course is all that men
are good for . these days if you can snare one and turn
him into something useful to your purposes. Not ever easy
for us Ladies these days
is it?A wasteland”

Gales of hysterical laughter rose from most of the women sitting
in the first t to 10 rows with catcalls of “we know
what you mean honey” and “right on, give it to him!’ while
some of the men scowled and some dutifully applauded with them
out of terror reluctance or habit.

The speaker stood there astonished “I never had a relationship
with you, sexual or romantic or otherwise..You are totally lying
Whatever your or my mixed impressions it just did not happen
this way at all Actually nothing ever happened..”

The woman blushed beet red and screamed: ” MEAN!!
SADIST!!” At first the audience seemed confused.

Logically this made no sense at all of course. But what was one
pragmatically to do? Which side to choose?

Four other males stood up reluctantly as witnesses and said in
effect “Yes the woman is lying” but without much enthusiasm..
and a great deal of discomfort

“Why are all of you ALL MALE bastards ganging up on me? “she
screamed.”Why are you scapegoating me?”

One of them said “Nobody was ganging up on you…He is just
our friend. He has been out friend for years. Never did anything
wrong That is just untrue.”


Most of the women totally agreed in public and applauded the apparent injustice done to a Sister and one
or two suggested calling in the police to help solve or fix things.
Some merely hid and said nothing. Nothing at all Not a word
“And besides” continued the woman “all who know me
realize how good i am inside and out
and how necessary to Society.

the Community the Family..But this this creature is
a Communist and not only a Communist but a Terrorist
and an Anarchist and a Pervert and A Murderer
and A Nihilst And an atheist who will burn in hell forever one day..
and a jew .. I have solid proof! Here!
She slapped her shorter husband on the top of his head and
said “Talk!’

“All true, all true what she says “her husband nodded.
“My wife always tells the truth. Never lies. Never does
anythng wrong.She is a saint. A queen.The best woman
on the planet.The smartest. The wisest.The most beautiful.
A goddess. A princess. An empress.

I spoke to this Speaker on the phone..
every day for years He is very nice. the most
empathetic and interesting and deep down
nicest guy I ever met

Mabye should not have trusted everybody so
well. with personal information.
which can always be manipulated or
interpreted (laughs) wrongly

I mean he is as my
wife says an awful awful awful bad evil evil evil

Those are facts And a narcissist too”
. And he started
crying too.A veritable ocean of tears.between the twain.
The Speaker stood up “I guess I walked into a mine
field or a latent civil war..My clumsiness some might
say Or idealism Or utopianism. So much for intellect
So much for independent points of view So ,much
for facts Or truth. Or even any honest attempts
at love. Soul Anything….” He was indeed very sad.
The woman looked at him straight in the eyes
saying in a voice that was even toned now, not
a whisper or a scream.

“We could have treated you much worse. you know
We’ve done that ten million times before in history.
Much much worse.

But some of us thought you were kind of cute and had

so dont be too angry or agitated or resentful
with us and our ways We do not change.
We never change.”

The man looked at her with very sad eyes and sighed
without saying a word.

“None of us is ever good enough for YOU is she? Is she?
It wasnt you. We just arent good enough for you are we??
Not up to your abstract absurd ridiculous and unreachable
ideals of human perfection in every direction, every
sense of the word”

The man just looked at her sadly..”I am not and never
claimed to be absolutely correct in every occasion but
this hurts me deeply I must go now..Bye”
The mans’ two male friends and the female friend
came up to help him hobble to the car. awaiting them
in the parking lot.

The woman who had thrown a public fit screamed
WE WILL ALWAYS ..LOVE YOU!!” following him
with her eyes as he walked towards the exit door.

around sadly, rubbed his forehead half smiled
then turned away When he and his friend left
the wife slapped her husband on the top of his head
with the flat palm of her hand “WHY DID YOU DO THAT
AND THAT IS ONLY THAT” “Oh’ he muttered “Maybe.”
The new agency director John now walked up to the Microphone
and calmed down the audience. with a few words. ‘What
an interesting display of .I am not totally sure. Did anybody
else understand these scenarios? i am curious Between you
and me I have 2 masters and a Phd and i had NO idea
what occurred here? (laughs ) “Maybe its sunspots?

Or .could be anything..”

“Well since nobody spoke up with any convincikng interpretation
I suggest that those chaotic minutes be erased from our usual
records of procedures as unnecessary useless, marginal
eccentric, tangential and having nothing to do with anything
Agreed? Business is business One can love it one can hate
it one can dislike it or embrace it But it is what it is
And between you and me most of us dont mind that , never
did and probalby never will as far as I can see ”

Almost all the audience applauded John ‘s common sense
with one or another degree of relief and enthusiasm.
The other stuff just made them think too much and who
in any times would ever want to commit a major sin like that?

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