Courses & Workshops

WE CONDUCT VOCATIONAL TRAINING FOR PEOPLE OF ALL AGES AND BACKGROUNDS. No minimum qualification is expected. If you desire to learn, we can teach you. These courses are meant for vocational training and skill development. They are not replaceable by University Degrees. These are Certification courses in vocational subjects.

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  1. Diploma in Management
  2. Diploma in Foreign Language (e.g. French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.)
  3. Screenplay and Creative Writing
  4. Android SDK mobile App development
  5. WordPress CMS webdesign
  6. Music Production on DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

CERTIFICATE COURSES CONDUCTED : Journalism, English Literature, Cartooning, Creative Writing, Screenplay Writing, Spoken English and Public Speaking, Digital Photography, Personality Development, Stress Management, Anger Management, Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga, Karate, Kobudo weapons, Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi and QiGong, Kickboxing, Self-Defence, Freehand Exercises, Tarot Reading, MS Office, Acting and Drama, Advertising, YouTube Channel, etc.

SUBMISSIONS OPEN: Submissions open for articles and research papers on multiple subjects by professionals as well as amateurs. We publish non-mainstream art and literature and poetry. Sort of a mix of beatnik style and everything since then. Cartoons, Graphics, Prose, Verse, Graffiti, anything the mainstream publisher rejects as too experimental or as too less a size of target market. A website for all alternative genres and styles and content including video or audio or performance poetry or even stand up comedy. Podcasts, articles, fiction, quotes, et al. For Submissions Email us at support @

Send Submissions to: support @