It isn’t Easy Being Green: One Frog’s Lament

It isn’t Easy Being Green: One Frog’s Lament, based on a Theme
by “:Kermit”

Verse One.
Its not easy being green
Though most scream ” do not complain!’
“Do not raise or cause a fuss:
That just goes against our grain.
We don’t own our native bog
We’re all walking in the fog
And of course we’ll never win
We can “compromise” ‘adjust”
Or ‘confess” or ‘just give in”
If they wanted us to lose
They would squash us with a log.
Well the world is simply mean:
Its not easy being green”‘

Verse Two
Its not easy being green
No they’ll never understand
They will never let us be
In this land or other lands
They will blame all things on us
And no one will intervene
If they squash us with a bus
Yes the whole thing is obscene.
They cry out “a point of view!”
“Do not blame your woes on us!”
“We are not that good or smart
And don’t like when you folks cuss!”
Yeah the world is always mean:
Its not easy being green.

Verse Three
One can never change the swamp
That is not what’s meant to be
It is always cold and damp
And some sorts crave misery.
Most just parrot what they’re taught.
Most just employ what they bought.
They don’t feel much and don’ think
Or spray endless lines of ink.
Its just foolish, immature
To expect things to be pure.
Though most creatures in the swamp
Forget what its all for.
Well the world is bad and mean:
Its not easy being green.”

Verse Four
All the leaders of the swamp,
All the doctors, lawyers too
All the heads of families
Say they ‘don’t know what to do”
“You are young, you are naive”
“You are foolish, you are lost!”
“You are spineless, have no brains!”
“One can’t count what you have cost”
All the cousins do agree
“You have caused our misery”
All the uncles and the aunts
Sigh at clumsy dilletantes .
All the grandparents get mad
Exactly like your mom and dad.
All the neighbors get upset
When your splashes make them wet.
For God’s Sake, get yourself “clean”
Its not easy being green.”

Verse Five
Its not easy being green.
Does one frog cry out for love?
That’s not real and just not right
For it is a world where might
Money , force and such will serve
To get all things that one can get.
One does really have a nerve
If one hopes to interrupt
The traditions of our swamp
It is best to just ‘grow up!”
Impotence you do deserve
If you criticize our ways
We’er the teams that always win
Despite what anybody says.:
Its the other side that’s mean:
Its not easy being green.”

Verse Six
One can protest or adjust
Pray that Art is not mere dust
Hope to fix some things with Science
Or lessons on Self Reliance.
For one’s dreams are a mirage
Fantasies from some garage
Where one tried to end the world
And its so called persiflage.
No they’ll never understand.
No they’l never empathize.
No they never will adjust
Fix a world made out of lies.
They will blame it all on me
They will blame it all on you
They will claim its just habit
And there’s nothing they can do.
Watch some films upon some screen?
Its not easy being green.

Verse Seven
Its not easy being green.
Best to blend in and to fake
Being like all other frogs
It is never a mistake.
Best to say some little prayer
And protect things as they are
And to strum some small sad tune
On one’s tiny cheap guitar.
Best to sleep or never dare
For the others do not care
Or your lessons will offend
Or you’ll lose each single friend.
If one were intended to win
Would have happened long ago.
Time to give the whole thing up
There was never hope, you know?
World most sacred or obscene:
Its not easy being green.”

Verse Eight
Its not easy being green
Best to hide behind some prose.
Best to hide behind some laws
Best to hide behind a rose.
Best to hide your point of view
And sigh “nothing here is new”
For there is no way to change
Things that are far far worse than ‘strange’
See the graveyards that they built
For ten million “rebel” frogs
Some might profit from your pain.
Best to hide among the logs.
Not get large but stay quite small
So they do not punish you
For those things they do not like
In your “mad’ ‘dark’ ‘point of view’
Well in any episteme:
Its not easy being green.

Verse Nine
Not all problems can be solved
All depends on the Regime.
If you’re “popular” that ‘s cool
They reward you beyond seen
If not ‘popular’ than ‘woe’
They will punish every day
Then will cover up abuse
And scream “put those toys away”
“You can no more here expect
Your laments can shake the world
Than some small contemptible ant
Can lift up the whole damned world.
Whether visible or unseen:
Its not easy being green.

Verse Ten
Its not easy being green.
Join the chorus, join the crowd,
Join the band and join the team
Make the masses sing out loud
Fill the stadiums with joy
Though this might some folks annoy.
Its not easy being sole
Best conform and join the whole
And if not they’ll eat you whole
Like some hors d’oeuvre or some snack
For your aching weary bones
Contain proteins they do lack.
They might ‘think ‘ then cry a bit
For the damages they did.
But their iron trunks are closed
You can’t even budge the lid.
And their matrices will win
Wipe you off each single grid.
Ah the contest is obscene:
Its not easy being green.

Verse Eleven
Its not easy being green
Few are happy in the swamp.
Most are poor folks, some are rich
They don’t get along a bit
They will battle to the end
You will never find a friend
Or some love that is just true
And they’ll blame all that on you.
They will medicate despair
They will cut off all your hair
They will fry you on the grill
It is just their sort of thrill.
None will protest, interrupt
Its their lovely point of view
They can never quite grow up
Though might want to be ‘like’ you:
Those one sees or those unseen:
Never easy being green.


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