International Psychiatric Comedy Club

Secret Notes from the International Psychiatric, Psychoanalytical
Psychologists,Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurses
Program, Clinic and Hospital Directors
Administrators and Auxilliary Workers Comedy Club
Located, “Somewhere”

$10,000 a plate dinner, April 2014

Comedian X: As I was saying most Honorable
and Respectable And Socially and Politcally Correct
Gorgeously Conservative, Fabulously well informed
Educated Hard working,, Honest as (his sly grin
elicits laughter) as possibly Can Be
and often way Underpaid
Ladies and Germs, you know it and I know
it but can they know it? Can they or will they ‘get that”?
Never! Let’s hear it once again for the brilliant, worldly, ever practical
and useful wonderful, ubiquitous,
glorious, fully laid out and detailed , always profitable.
fine , fun , funny normally well adjusted to
Reality and thick skinned and always laughing and friendly as can
be folks who brought the world our favorite bread and butter item
on the menu we all share, the monumental intellectual
masterpiece of nearly biblical or Shakespearian or Dantesque
or Freudian or Jungian or Koranesque or Lincolnian or Einsteinean
quality, the Diagnostic and
Statistical Mendacities Volume Five!

Audience: 10 minutes of solid in crowd riotous applause, filled
with a few scattered catcalls, fragments of songs, and an
occasional jockstrap, bra or set of panties being thrown with
gleeful abandonment on stage accompanied by his repeated
bows and grinning mouthed ‘thank you darlings”

ahem attention clip art

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