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Orison-B Society’s Taxila Institute is a multi-disciplinary research centre and independent Institute. We provide Management Consultancy on solicitation.

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Management Consultancy and support is provided for big and small corporations in a wide range of industries across geographies.


  1. Modern Business solutions
  2. Advertising and Branding consultation
  3. Social Media Campaign Management
  4. Psychology: Counselling, Behavioural Therapy, Motivation, Life Coach, Dream Interpretation Analysis, Physical Training Therapy, Creative Writing Therapy, Art Therapy, Aptitude Tests, IQ Tests, Personality Tests, etc.

Taxila Institute offers Management Consultancy and customised focussed Research. Taxila Institute is an independent institute awarding diplomas and certifications in various fields of study. It is an organization overseen by the Orison-B High IQ Society. The Taxila Institute’s mission is to provide a platform for amateur scholars to present their ideas and publish their work in a formal setting.

Located in Bombay, The Taxila Institute is a great platform for collaborative ideas and brings together intellectuals from all over the world. We look forward to seeing it grow and become one of the web’s most visible and influential centers of knowledge.

One of the great but little remembered achievements of the ancient Vedic India Enlightenment was the invention of urban academies, or learned societies, devoted to the pursuit of the arts and science.

By the end of the nineteenth century these communities of amateur scholars were displaced by powerful new professional disciplines that were incorporated into modern research universities. Much was gained by this transformation, but something was lost as well. The Taxila Institute is a community of scholars based on the eighteenth century model.

Members presented papers, or what they called their “productions,” for comment by their fellow members. It was a community of mutual instruction through conversation, one that crossed generations and fields of inquiry. And all aspired to participate in the informal discussions that sustained these communities. The Taxila Institute tries to replicate the spirit of those communities.

Traditional scholars have usually completed a standard course of academic study, been examined and found fit by scholarly peers, made original contributions to the field, created a body of published work by which they continue to be judged, are committed to working full-time on scholarship, and earn their living by research, publication and, perhaps, teaching and lecturing.

These attributes earn traditional scholars a basic platform, or lectern, if you will, from which to publish their ideas. When they speak, their voices are heard, if only by other scholars within their chosen field. Because of their accomplishments and status, they can expect a base level of respect from their peers. They are also usually affiliated with an institution of higher learning and thus have access to many resources not available to the amateur scholar.

Amateur scholars approach research and writing for the love of it and as a way of learning. In contrast to traditional scholars, they do not necessarily have as complete a formal academic background, can only devote part of their time to research, do not earn their living by research and publication, and can often be isolated from peers, resources and structured educational opportunities.

Through self-directed continuing education and study, they focus, first and foremost, on their own individual pleasure and growth. Even when they have valuable thoughts to share they often do not attempt publication because they suffer from fears based on their perceived lack of competence.

The Taxila Institute is unique in that it provides a platform for amateur scholars to present their ideas and publish their work.