How Insignificant We Are

How Insignificant We Are

As humans, we ascribe a lot of self-importance because we only know about ourselves. Attributes such as humility and sincerity are starting to lose their prominence because we suddenly feel privileged. Sometimes we forget how small we really are in the grand scheme of things. Here are a few jaw-dropping reminders of how insignificant we are.

This is what you look like from an altitude of 30,000 feet:


What you look like from 100,000 feet:


Feeling kind of small? What about you from 230,000 miles away?


This is how small we are compared to the Sun.

sun and you

Really small, right? Well, that’s only the tip of the iceberg because look how small we are in our own galaxy…


Can you spot the planet Earth or the beloved Sun in this picture of our Milky Way Galaxy? Where are you here?


This is the Atlas of the Universe as far as sensed through radio telescopes. You are in there!


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