How can I grow my business and make more online sales?


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Q. How can I grow my business and make more online sales?
I own the brand and I am also building an app. How to make money with this?


1. Your brand name is poor

2. Your choice of website name is very poor

3. Online marketing involves immediate capture of passerby attention and to retain the brand name in their short attention span

4. Example: is a good short and simple brand name and a short, easy spelling, easy to type and access website name

So firstly, make an effort in selecting a memorable, short, east to spell, easy to pronounce name for your brand. Find a website name suitable for the same.

Just look at the hundreds of successful brand names and thousands of successful website names. Your brand name has absolutely NOTHING in common with those success stories.

Nike – good brand name
Playboy – good brand name
Star Wars – good brand name
Windows – good brand name

They are simple, short and easy to recall in the memory of vast majority of humans.

Similarly: – good name for website – good name for website – good name for website – good name for website

Do you understand what I am suggesting? makes no sense to an English language speaker on the internet. would make sense because he is already world famous name. Do ask if you have any doubts.

FIRST your customer needs to know you exist. For that a good brand name and domain name is crucial. After that you have to engage the visitor. Keep him interested in your website with attractive and regularly updated content. Provide security and privacy with well known tools that build confidence in your prospective buyer. Tell them what is special about buying from you. If the product or service is competing in quality as well as price, there is no stopping you. Find your niche in existing market of sellers. Provide trials or no question asked returns for satisfaction. Believe in your product / service and always tell that the customer is right and his needs come first. Satisfied customers are your brand ambassadors who will spread the word about your website benefits and bring you recurring and new customers.

Best Wishes,
Ujjwal Dey

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