Homage to the Great Leaders of the Pack

Homage to the Great Leaders of the Pack: Four Fundamental Leader
“Types” On All Levels of Local Society and
World Affairs or Why I am Less
Than Thrilled about Politics and Society
The So called Real World of Bosses and Workers
And the Next Door Less and More Real than Real World
of Artists and Thinkers of one kind
or another Next Door in Year 2014 (commonly accepted
Christian calendar).
1. He is a Major Pro. He is Pro This and Pro that and gives 200 plus
smiling Pro Speeches Per Year all over the world, charging of course
a hefty fee for each but that is not very important is it?
He went to some of the finest schools and was totally consistent
in his stream of steadfast reliable progressive and evolved A’s,
with a B or so thrown in for good measure. If he did not go to the
finest schools and was totally consistent with his A’,,. he is quite
aware how to organize a team of people who are like that, a
regular brain trust, to argue his Across the Board Pro Positions.
If there is a war he is always for it and always Pro the War Makers.
He is also always absolutely clear who was to blame for the war
and how and why and is certain that Victory should be won at
any cost.
He has a very Pro Gung Ho Marriage and probably several Pro
Gung Ho Kids Or some terrific excuses that most people
do not want to challenge too deeply for not having had
One and Only One Gung Ho Marriage with Several Kids
He had a very Pro Gung Ho Career in Business, Government
or Academia or Law or the Military and is always consistent and ready for the
Good Fight. Very typical..most say invevitable. He wins and all
those sloppy careless nutty mixed up rejected artists and
intellectuals get diagnosed or self diagnosed with some
real or alleged mental illness or criminal offendse
or are murdered or commit suicide
or are exiledvoluntarily or not to other countries. with
Great Cover Stories provided for the sake of Universal
Comfort and Security. or abandon all public participation
because of [pressures “nobody seems to want to
understand” and retires into an early and disgraceful
obscuritiy Let’s see what
can replace them.
2 She is a Major Pro. She is very positive and consistent about
This and That and gives 200 plus slightly more relaxed and
or spiritual and or personable and or family oriented perhaps
(or touting some other ‘rights’ issue of her choice again
and again) and hopes to get those jobs that Mr Pro , in her
opinion in an optimal and admirable fashion. She is very Pro
This and That and in fact formally or informally bans all
so called ‘negative ‘ speech, including foull language so called (though
offstage she has been heard to use enough ‘foul language’
to make the average truck driver blush with shame) which she says is very upsettting
to her emotions pride and reputation Since most people
are not cads deep down, who wants to really challenge
somebody’s hurt feelings especially a Strong Optimist
with such a Good Attitude, whether based on her Bibles.
her Creeds, her Group Consensus or other things including
her fashions?
Sometimes she comes in second, sometimes she wins
and is irressitible. The Flip side of Type One. With some
diffferences in style vastly appreciated by some and loudly
or quietly deplored by a few.
3) He is a big Anti. He is clearly Anti This and Anti That and never
has had any positive thing to say about anything. If he has what
vast chunks of the Middle Class call vices, he makes them into
virtues or turns the bad habits into good habits by flipping
their world upside down. Strength of a kind is also his forte,
much like Types One and Two. Sometimes he also has
a group or gang or team of supporters or researchers: the
main and umambivalent goal is to tear down and Old System
which quite naturally has tons of flaws on every level
and without much of a clear plan in mind, to somehow ‘build
a new System perhaps from Scratch. Or other things.
He is steadfast in action and if he has any reputation,
is quite likely ,if not “underground” to make his own 200
speeches per year. with whatever fees he can get.
If the Pro Team loves or honors or favors a certain nation
or group or whatever with all its inevitable or extra flaws
errors crimes corruptions or such, the Anti Man capitalizes on this
and makes a relentless case in Opposition. allegedly on
the grounds of justice and human rights but really not always
That would be nice if idealists always went just for the ideal,
or if realists always went just for the real? Does not work
that way though.
As with Types One and Two what characterizes Type Three
is a Relentless Rhetorical Energy and a consistent, unfailing
ability to pound the pavement for some Idea or well Anti Idea.
Which may win him a certain amount of Success or a jail
or psych ward sentence, an assassination or other grave
4) She is also a big Anti and with whatever type of Action
under Her belt or Track Record,, is terrific at pounding
the war drum or anti war drum on her set of issues. Perhaps
she also makes 200 public speeches per year for which
she get various awards and has a big audience which follows
her and perhaps what the others would call her “anti Bibles’.
Ah well spelling this out is getting boring and tiresome and I
am not being paid in any regular currency at least for this
type of public thinking..The Big Anti Woman is a lot like the
Big Anti Man with a few differences which some find
very signficant and others appalling..
5) He or she is apt , if a type at all
to have heard over the course of his or her
adult life such unforgettable and mostly from the point of view
of any remotely senstive human being horribly hurtful
and cutting and damaging phrases uttered by well protected authorities of one kind or another such as “we did not know with you and your 160(or you
can fill in the blanks from 50 to 250 ) Iq!” or “wow. we did NOT
drive you to suicide. a hospital, insanity total personaly
disorganiziation, longterm unemployment marginal
unemployment or so called “crime” major depression, shock treatment
or sexual or social acting out that time(often pretty much
provoked by lovely behind the scenes ladies and gentlemen) ?
whom I imagine have the following response:
Dear “You”:
” Gee…One of us at least is improving their general life, social
and existential
skills. Sorry for your incomprehensible pain that we are religiously
and traditionally or methodically totally insensitive to and you should not expect more if you behave in what we call a reasonable manner and expect us to be too..
. Our doctors, psychiatrists, philosphers even families leaders, teachers and professors, police like authorities., advice columists. editors of all stripes,
family and experts told us time and again that ‘thinking too much’ is ‘bad for
our health” and we hope it is not for yours.
No time
for US to act intervene or try to understand or empathize or sympathize
in any way you might prefer Maybe we can give you a consolation prize
or two? A nice lunch perhaps at a restaurant of your choice? You
choose the toppings too, and free of cost.
. It is an ‘imperfect world’ none of us
have ever reasonably hoped to change in any sense. whether or not we
directly stomp to death via mob activity or cancel out or erase those who would or can..
or radically slow them down. to the point of so called ‘regression
or a quasi comatose state or such. .if we are in a good and altruistic
and helpful mood .
Since we have by our measuresments made vast progress in
“cheering up” ‘containing our moods” , ‘cleaning our rooms” ‘
‘working on our anger gender and other social issues of the day”
decreasing our senstiivity and intellectual deviations from the
local norms, cleaning
our personal toilets, modifying our bad habits or negative or
insenstiive phrases towards protected populations weak or strong,
evolving in our rule based systems of authority,
‘taking enough showers at the right time” ‘modifying our language”
‘adjusting our attitudes, and ‘reorienting our thoughts and psyches
we expect none the less from you !


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