First Contact

This is how it will be!!!


UFOs = magnetic maneuverable microwave military satellites.
UFOs = street light dwelling flying insects moths bugs and bats.
UFOs = just a bunch of ufos and nothing to do with deep space.
UFOs = unidentified mutilated burger crop circle ground traces.
UFOs = forgotten never before seen memory loss imagination.
UFOs = high venus low jupiter rising moon meteor stars.
UFOs = psychological test dummy aluminum foil scraps.
UFOs = misread media misprinted cheap newspaper stories.
UFOs = questionably merchandised sinister money making scams.
UFOs = blow-up alien doll fantasy fiction fanaticism.
UFOs = close encounter electrical temperature inversion experiences.
UFOs = sir horry patter on a flying broom with other kooks.
UFOs = blatant blasphemy based internet hoax spam.
UFOs = drunk human swamp gas ice crystals.
UFOs = freak hallucination plasmoid reflection lights.
UFOs = ghosts on mars looking for elvis and diamonds.
UFOs = figment aurora pink borealis fake flying elephants.
UFOs = false photographic hubcap disinformation.
UFOs = mirage producing artificial balloon fireworks.
UFOs = unfamiliar misinterpretation spotlighted bird discharges.
UFOs = witnessed cloud trickery flared blurry night vision.
UFOs = men in white coat medication kick in delusions.
UFOs = top secret slander bunker ridicule storage.

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