Final Warning

TITLE : All right: this is a final warning. We are losing all our patience with YOU and all the GAMES YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYING WITH US ALL THESE YEARS and NOW we mean serious business: come out into the Open with your sonnet series and manuscripts and artwork and music in plain sight , no concealed weapons or funny moves or vulgarities or excessively complex vocabulary or cultural or historical or philosophical or literary or religious or scientific referencer, no signs of disprespect or agitatation or being out of order or out of everyday civilian uniform or rebellion or bad attitude or immaturity or negativity or peassimism or agitation or too much thinking or passion, or introspection, open or concealed or questioning of any legitimate, appointed or elected and God favored authority in the land and no sour or bitter or sarcastic or weary or bored or impatient or exasperated expressions and both of your hands thoroughly washed and held up high right in front of you! Remember THIS is a DEMOCRACY!!”


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