Decline of Catholicism Vs Decline of Freemasonry by Ujjwal Dey

Decline of Catholicism Vs Decline of Freemasonry
by Ujjwal Dey

Catholics have always been a prosperous lot since 100 AD to present. The Vatican is richer than most Swiss Banks. The aristocracy of the Pope and the Bishops and the clergy are visibly vulgar. The Roman Catholic Church in India is the single largest owner of non-agricultural land in sovereign territory of India. Indian Navy which has nuclear submarines has a much smaller budget than the budget of Roman Catholic Church in India. God needs money. Preaching needs money. It is a simple marketing and advertising and sales exercise. But it is also a much sickening socially and morally corrupt sales and marketing.

In a tribal village where I went as a volunteer from Supreme Council 33 degree of India, we had a medical camp. The illiterate tribal labourers lined up for free medicine. Nuns from the local church enabled their healthcare issues. For example a tribal needs cough medicine, he gets it. And he is entrapped into attending the church services in praise of Jesus. The Jesus itself looks nothing like the Arab Jew known as Yeshua. He looks like a white blonde-haired European prince crucified at the cross. So similarly now all the tribals are attending regular mass at church of Catholics.

You can buy the love of man, woman and child. But you can never buy the love of an animal. If there is a stray dog or cat on the street and I feed it, he will be grateful. Surely he will not attack or bite me. But does that mean that animal loves me? No, gratitude of an animal is not love of an animal.

So these tribals are seduced into the Catholic church. Maybe now they have a name on their Aadhar card as “D’Souza” or “Almeida” etc. Does this really mean that tribal has accepted Jesus in his heart? Does that tribal know anything at all about the historic figure of Yeshua? Does this illiterate fool know or understand anything in his Marathi Bible?

Membership, following and even participation does not assure you of a quality Catholic fellow convert. This is exactly what is ailing the Freemasonry in India.

Suppose I am the Worshipful Master of a small Lodge. Everyone wants me to revive its past glory. They will say, attract more new brethren. Call your college friends, your school friends, your past and present office colleagues. So suppose I do that! I call up a few friends and tell them, “Please do me a favour. Join this Lodge. Pay the dues for a few years. I need your support and friendship. After a few years, you can decide if you want to continue or not. Just come and get initiated, passed and raised. Be a good friend.”

Is this what I should be doing as a Freemason? Is this what we are reduced to now? We are trying to grab people and give them the lust of Officer Posts and Social Exclusivity and Rich Men’s Club memberships? Are we any better than those Catholics tending to the illiterate tribals to harvest souls for their beloved Jesus?

And after all is said and done, those tribals are still third class citizens. They are never considered as an equal of the city-bred Catholic who is volunteering at the medical camp. Maybe the tribal will even ask for Dalit-Christian reservation from his local MLA.

Similarly, the people who are uninterested in Freemasonry as a belief system, have no concern for its rituals and understand nothing of Masonic philosophy are the ones tricked into becoming newly initiated members of Indian Freemasonry. They eventually stand out like a sore thumb. At Masonic events you can easily spot them and know they don’t belong here. They gradually understand that they are third class citizens in the organisations of Freemasonry in which they are anyways not interested in. Some stop attending. Others are gentlemanly enough to resign. Still others continue aimlessly in Indian Freemasonry like sheep following the pretty stick of his shepherd.

What could be worse? Freemason should never solicit any non-Mason. You may inform him or even give introductory literature or link to the lodge website. But you never preach and peddle Freemasonry like a tabloid newspaper subscription. Some simpletons say that Mumbai citizens don’t care for joining Freemasonry because there is no secrets. I can Google everything. You can google about religious practices too. You can google about atomic reactors too. But that is not the same as being a good Christian or being a theoretical physicist. So, secrets are not the problem. It is the way you are portraying Freemasonry to outsiders which is the problem. We are now mostly full of Lodges which are just a rich-men’s club memberships. We favour influence over character of a person. When you respect your Craft, the newcomer will be respectful to you and to the Craft.

There is a huge decline in church attendance in Europe and North America. People are disillusioned. They can clearly see the corruption in the Church. They stand mute witness to sexual abuse of children by priests who continue in office with blessings from the Vatcian. They are turning towards Atheism. Some prefer to mock their fellow Catholics by joining the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. United Kingdom reported a huge majority of citizens listing their religion as “Jedi Knight”. Just as these citizens grew weary of the methods and practices of the Catholic Church, so will most intelligent Freemasons in India become weary of the way Lodges are run and managed. Thus there is a huge decline in attendance. The quality of the brethren in Lodges with 50 plus memberships is also pitiful and unworthy of King Solomon’s memory. You don’t just get a certificate from GLI and become a Freemason. You have to understand and absorb its culture and tradition. There is a learning curve. But the “convert” and “raise numbers” policy of Indian Freemasons is showing its ugly consequences to us. This is just a tip of a downward spiral to further decline.

Be a good man. Be a better man. Don’t be a salesman.


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Copyright Ujjwal Dey 2016

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