Big Issue seller first to take card payment

After Simon Mott researched and acquired the necessary technology to accept payment by credit and debit card, the Big Issue Foundation has said it will roll out the solution to other vendors.

Big Issue seller first to take card payment

4 December 2013 Last updated at 00:09 GMT

Simon Mott has become the first Big Issue seller to offer his customers the choice to pay by credit or debit card.

Using a mobile payment device from Swedish firm iZettle, he is able to use a smartphone to securely take money from people in the street.

He decided to use the technology after becoming frustrated that it seemed fewer people were now carrying cash.

The Big Issue Foundation told the BBC it was encouraged by Simon’s ingenuity, and will begin offering the technology to other vendors “within weeks”.

The foundation’s chief executive Stephen Robertson said using smartphones increased vendors’ safety, as less cash was likely to be held.

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