An American Bum’s Rush

An American Bum’s Rush
by Paul Nachbar

I was born in Hackutopia Hospital
Near Hackutopia Street
And was raised by a stable -or responsible or
Normal enough seeming family,somewhat
Like yours perhaps the differences and similarities usually minor stuff
Where I always had enough to eat

We ,lived in prosperous clean and normal Hackutopia Village
In a fairly decent but not luxurious two story house:
Jew, Catholic, Jew, Protestant, Catholic
Houses still standing in circles
And houses standing in rows
With an occasional possibly agnostic or atheistic mouse

I attended a Hackutopia School System
And rode a Hackuotpia District bus
And was taught by Hackutopia teachers
In their grand old fashioned way:
Spare the brutality insensitivity poison and manipulations
And spoil the child in this or any other day

I was given some Hackutopia aptitude and IQ tests
And they said I was smart, pretty smart or very smart
But because I was always a kind of psyhological and cultural outsider
Tbey almost never favored my poetry music drama or art
Which being as sensitive or passionate no more or less
As anybody else,who ever lived blew my little world apart

In the hot and endless summers I went to Hackutpia Camp
And sometimes was quite favored or picked on or treated as a scamp
Like anywhere else the counselors ruled with “social:whip and chain
And thus any effective changes protests or amendments were in vain
If you told any of this truth to any nurse, therapist or shrink they had
They’d smile and say just how and why you went nuts due just to Mom and Dad

I went to Hackutopia Elementary School
Junior High School and High Schools
And did reasonably well in the Hackoptia Regents Course:
Everyone was deep down so scared, guilty suspicious conflicted
Brainwashed dazed and individually and collectively tormented by then
So that the school faculties almost never had to use actual force

Then I went to Hackutopia University (most competive)
Which should have been happy but was very sad
I saw the so called optimistic or happy or adjusted
Cheery Student Social Darwinists preparing to run the Nation
And this made me very mad:
They said I was irresponsible idealistic a dreamer ,lazy passive or a jerk

Then I went to the Hackutopia University
And should have felt grateful but was very sad
I saw the so called pessimistic or unhappy
Student Radicals *(of different stripes course) battling for the Republic-
And this made me very sad:
They’re so good at isolating agitating and torturing any lost” too smart”: lad

So you go after graduation to some Hackutopia CIty
And compete for an apartment partner and a job
You pretend you never feel extremely trampled on used or shitty
And you juggle selves between Joe Average, Chic Rebel and Snob
If injured just scream “fuck you” advise all therapists or’ ‘futile to complain’
Or “nobody is listening or can listen ” or ‘your efforts are all in vain”

Then you end up at the Hackutopia Nuthouse
Which is always 10 to 100 miles up any road
The illpaid illtrained staff treats you like beloved but retarded housepets
Or rebellious dirty childish immature spoiled whiny tricky slaves
Whom they, are “forced: to correct, punish discipline teach and goad
Or often here post mortem ( test subjects often dont live long) to dissect

Then if released you try to get help from protected bands of housewives
Or protected bands of businesspeople, pros, cops, soldiers and crooks
And they repeat their filtered or unfiltered garbage about you always
Or they spew their filtered or unfiltered garbage in their media and books
The geniusish realists they had said “We aren’t goddesses witches elves”
‘Sign these statements releasing us from blame and say you did this to yourselves”

I went back to the old neighborhood on Hackutopia Street
Half my old neighbors had committed suicide or died of other causes
Linked with social emotional romantic familial economic political defeat
The other half moved up to some pricey exclusive social winners circles
But I doubt that any of these winners had ever really even once won:
Loveless unloved souls a single step from cyanide,.gas, noose,knife or gun

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