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world’s fair 1964 Forest Hills in an obscure corner: scene one
“there are few accidents in society”

Machine Screen: “Would you like to play a series of games?

Boy: Is there a choice?

Machine Screen: Probably not.

Boy: I think I believe you. Okay I’ll play What happens if I lose?

Machine Screen: Then . “I” win..

Boy: Does not sound good to me

Machine Screen: For you it is not good to lose such games

Boy:. What happens if I win?

Machine Screen: Then our team will permit you to live.

Boy: Anything more than that?

Machine Screen; That may or may not be up to you. I am not
presently programmed to provide such information.under any

Boy Okay Let’s do it

2014 in the Middle of Nowhere: scene two

Machine Screen: You win all the games in the series.
I lose.You may go free now

Man: I win..? After…..nearly fifty years…..in a sort of . desert…it seems

Machine Screen: Your erratic and unpredictible responses…..
your eccentric from left field and outsider type responses..
your possibly sane or insane or possibly nonsensical or deep responses.
absorbing new information in unexpected and possibly creative
so called manners…

Man: I see It is occasionally possible for a Man or perhaps a
so called Man of Talent to win at some
so called “games’ social and otherwise
which have some non zero importance or significance to self and world ?

Machine Screen:  That may or may not be up to you. I am not
presently programmed to provide such information.under any
circumstances.(repeated text scrolls down the screen and then screen grows blank)


Man: (walks away pensively)

Regarding Communications with the Queen and King etc.

It doesn’t matter what it is
Or what its worth or where its been
Or whether it is great or good
Or better than anyone has seen:

It doesn’t matter if it saves the world
Or if its priceless, beyond compare:
The Queen of All is Queen of All
And in her mind ,, she doesn’t care.

It doesnt matter if a billion ache
Or billions starve or billions die:
Although most Queens do loathe such stuff
They almost never wonder why.

It doesn’t matter if a thousand crooks
Reap all the profits in every place:
The Queen is local to her school
For her the worst is losing face.

It doesn’t matter to the King
Mostly not more or less than her
Though most have favorites in this game
Like favorite Art or Furniture..

What matters to the King is King
His pride and all his honor too:
His right to be himself, a Man
Who always knows just what to do.

What matters to the King is King
Far less than that our World War One
And also our own World War Two:
Should one try again for Three?

What matters to the Queen is Queen
What matters to the King is King:
This also goes for Presidents
Premiers. although you loudly sing..

This madness they do label with
Such names as “Good Society”;
This madness they do label as
“Good taste’ ‘good sense ” ‘sobriety”

This madness they do label with
Such names as “Family” ‘Science” “Art”
“Diplomacy” “Good Manners ” too
Even if the whole world blows apart.

This madness they do label with
Such names as “Business” and “Bureaucracy”
“Communism” “Naziism” “Socialism” and “Fascism”
“Republicanism” ‘Capitalism” ‘Aristocracy” and “Democracy”

Alas the problem for this brain:
I was by light years far too sane.
Alas the problem for this heart
I was by galaxies too smart.

This being said I will conform
And not stir up the angry swarm
And will heed all those so called rules
That salarymen now call the Norm.


The Poet’s Treadmill

Think not it was insanity or a Muse’s touch
Or inspiration ,genius or “a way with words”
Or else some bright broad spirit that bring some to such
A path in life, or else a Magic Touch.

Sheer accident does bring one to this path I think
Or else a combination of sheer accidents:
Propel a poet on a poet’s treadmill which
Is both a parallel and opposite to common sense.

The reputation of poems tends to rise and fall
Sometimes they are just nothing, sometimes close to all:
For poets see what others do not or don’t want to see
Which spares us some boredom or mediocrity.



Some people here say they think God saved my life in 2008
When I almost died after aortic valve replacement heart surgery
And some I’m sure would say that God gave me a warning
Based on my ‘bad behaviors’ or ‘bad attitudes’ or ‘refusal to change”
And others would say of course that God had nothing to do with this
And that it was all a matter of determinism and accident or other factors.
One can argue causality unitil one is blue in the face: I prefer not to now.

Was anybody or anything to blame for the sepsis or ‘dirt’ or’ infection’ that
Poisoned my blood stream in the best of heart hospitals and almost killed me?
I tend to think not though you can argue otherwise.
In order to save my life they put me in a coma for two weeks of which i recall
Nothing and gave me three blood transfusions.
Apparently I ‘sort of ‘played cards in my coma, or at least held them unseeing
And called out I wanted to watch M*A*S*H on TV without really seeing.

I was in the hospital and rehab center for 44 days, which is a lot.
Felt numb, not really angry the whole time,, kind of almost watching myself
Being transferred for some reason, from bed to bed each night.
I was not sure why they were doing that, did not think about it.

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