A bad day. Alas in human history….

Explanation: a family social worker who was perhaps smarter than I knew asked me pointedly in 1988 “How does a poet get along iwth everybody else?” Apparently i was held in some esteem as a ‘very good poet” even when in the less than ideal environment of a by any other words nuthouse..I was not able to think through the terms precisely .who or what a poet really was and who or what everygbody else signfiiced Hence i got disorganized either thorugh some fault of my own or something else. Finaly tonight, I thought ‘when all else fails make diagrams!’ A so called poet has more to do with ‘everybody else’ than either party may let on but this is often a worst case scenario..here is a dark satirical but not wholly exact sketch of what erverybody esle CAN be like on a ‘bad day Alas in human history we have had a lot of bad days I hope for better in the future for absolutely everybody , no exceptions


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